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Ultimate versatility with Tier on Tier shutters Cardigan.

For bathrooms and bedrooms, the places where you need a bit of privacy at all hours, the ability to move panels and louvres independently could be just what you’re after. The tier-on-tier style is ideal for blocking out light as well as unwanted attention, top or bottom, day or night.

If you’re looking to emphasise a beautiful Victorian sash window, tier-on-tier shutters help complete the look and provide easy access to open or close your windows.

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Whether in ABS or premium hardwood, tier-on-tier shutters help complete your interiors
Connaught’s shutters are only ever made to measure your exact specifications – so you can be assured that we have the solution for you.

Our range of materials, combined with a broad array of colours, accessories and louvre sizes means that your tier-on-tier shutters will be supplied exactly as you pictured them.
If your windows are prone to condensation, then the ABS Java range is for you. Crafted from an incredibly strong and hard wearing plastic, Java shutters are moisture resistant so perfect for changes in damp levels. The stylish hardwood Sumatra range, however, is an incredibly lightweight and versatile material, helping you get your interiors just as you want them.

In order to get the light levels to suit you, the shutters need to be operated with a tilt rod. This can either be visible, creating a classic look, or alternatively can be hidden within the shutter panel itself, providing a much sleeker look.

Why settle for ‘just about right’ when you could enjoy ‘just perfect’. Book an appointment with your local Connaught Shutters design consultant and see how tier-on-tier shutters can help you realise the vision for your home.

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