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Imagine cool, crisp lines covering the whole window and complementing your chosen room design With our Special Shaped Shutters we can dress almost any window.

Show off your curves with Connaught Shutters

Having an irregular shaped window or opening requires something a bit more unique. Connaught’s shutters suit all window shapes, no matter how curved or angled, small or large, so make a perfect alternative to off-the-shelf coverings like curtains, drapes or blinds.

Due to the age of some properties, window frames can warp and bend over time, making shutters the natural choice for period homes. Adding a layer to your windows, shutters also help insulate your home, making them an excellent choice for older properties that tend to have single paned glass in the windows.

Whether a triangle, arch or circle, the shape of the window or opening itself will dictate which material choices are available, so always speak to your local Connaught Shutters & Blinds design consultant to see which options are possible for your home.

Our custom-made special shape shutters are designed to fit into any window shape and can be a practical and stylish solution for even the most challenging of frames.

Beyond made-to-measure frames and panels, we can give you the option of hinges or magnets for easy opening, even in the most awkward spaces.

Whatever the peculiar shape of your window or doorway, we’ll custom-make a hardwood shutter to fit it.

Arches, hexagons, circles, triangles, sunbursts, irregular angles.

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