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Louvolite Perfect Fit Shutters

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Perfect Fit Shutters

Introducing Perfect Fit Shutters Lite by Louvolite, the ultimate solution for your living space. These innovative shutters are proudly crafted in the UK, offering a unique blend of style, convenience and durability. With their straightforward installation process and minimal maintenance requirements, Perfect Fit Shutters are an essential addition for today’s modern homeowner.

Perfect Fit Shutter doesn’t require any outer framework, thereby allowing more light in from the outside and an improved view from the inside. There is also no need for drilling or screwing as they effortlessly clip directly into your existing uPVC window frames, enabling them to move with your windows when opening and closing. They are also easy to remove when cleaning or decorating.

Louvolite Perfect Fit Shutters
Louvolite Perfect Fit Shutters

Attach directly to your windows

Durability is always important with Shutters and Perfect Fit Shutters are made from hard wearing polysilk vinyl, so not only do they withstand daily use but they also look great.

One notable advantage is that Perfect Fit Shutters attach directly to the window frame, leaving your window sills unobstructed. Traditionally, framed shutters need to be opened separately when accessing the window but Perfect Fit Shutters move seamlessly with your window’s motion, offering unparalleled convenience. They can also be installed on inward-opening windows, French or patio doors.

Safe For Children's Bedrooms

If you have children, then safety is always going to be a big concern. Perfect Fit Shutters Lite are excellent in this regard since they’re completely child safe since there are no cords or strings that can come with the risk of strangulation. To open and close Perfect Fit Shutters, you simply tilt them until you get the light level you desire. So why not upgrade your living space with Perfect Fit Shutters Lite and experience the difference for yourself.

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