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Imagine cool, crisp lines covering the whole window and complementing your chosen room design.
Think of total privacy, a stylish new look and ultimate light control, Connaught shutters & Blinds provide these benefits and so much more. Wrapped up in a timeless style statement, and available in a range of materials and colours, full height shutters span the whole window.
Full height plantation shutters easily let light in, or block it out based on your preference, due to their simple panel configuration, providing fantastic privacy for your home. Adding a layer to your windows, shutters are also a great form of insulation, reducing unwanted outside noise, and helping retain heat during the winter.

Full height shutters for your home
Whether you are picturing a contemporary or more classic design for your space, full height shutters are made to measure your imagination. As with all Connaught shutters, you can opt for a visible tilt rod, providing a classic look, or you can choose to have a hidden tilt rod, giving your shutter a simple, sleeker look.
Adding a mid-rail allows you to tilt separate sections of the shutter, controlling the light to get the levels to suit your needs. A mid-rail also means that you can keep the lower section closed, providing privacy, while the top section remains open, allowing natural light to filter in. It can add stability for larger windows, and can be aligned with your window’s architecture to hide a horizontal bar, for example.

Key Features

Popular for homes and businesses

Tall and elegant panels
Add a mid-rail for increased flexibility
Optional room darkening blind for bedrooms
Flexible design
Fit inside or outside the recess
5 year warranty on all our Shutters
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Suitable for:

Key living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens Square or rectangular windows New property developments Full Height shutters suit a range of window sizes and interiors We know that when approaching a home improvement project, you will already have a look in your mind, and at Connaught Shutters, we are here to help you realise that vision. Available in all six of our materials, from entry level MDF through to premium hardwood and a Composite shutter for the wet areas like Bathrooms/ Shower rooms full height shutters are designed to reflect your own individual tastes. Our most popular style of shutter, the wide range of colour choices, frame types and accessories, means that full height shutters provide the difference between ‘just about right’ and ‘just the way you want it’. Having shutters that are crafted just for you means having window coverings that reflect your design choices, rather than having to change your style to fit the product. If you or someone in your family struggles to sleep due to external light levels, then a room darkening blind can be added to full height shutters, creating near total blackness. Getting the right environment to make you comfortable can help you sleep more soundly, whether at night or during the day. Imagine a window covering with the perfect fit, crafted just for you by Connaught Shutters & Blinds today to see how full height shutters could look in your space and breathe new life into your home.