#1 choice for bedrooms & cinema rooms

We offer an extensive range of blackout blinds, many of which include thermal fabric as standard, (at no extra cost), for extra cosiness and warmth. Leave them open and you can let the light in, but once they are closed you will enjoy complete darkness and warmth thanks to the unique thermal fabrics.

Providing complete protection

Our collection of blackout roller blinds banishes the sunlight to keep your home shaded whenever you need it. Ideal for the bedroom, they ensure the sun won’t disturb your slumber and they also offer absolute privacy making them perfect for the bathroom too.

If your home has a room that lets in a lot of light, particularly a bedroom, you’ll know the annoying feeling of waking up at 5am on a Saturday morning! For such people, our blackout fabric blinds provide a great solution. Blackout blinds can be fitted behind your existing curtains, providing an extra layer of light protection.

Light pollution is a recognised problem in many populated areas, and it’s probably responsible for many nights of disturbed sleep. In an effort to combat this, more and more people are starting to opt for blackout blinds in their homes. Our made to measure blackout blinds can help shield against the night time light and the summertime sun, while fitting perfectly in your window and adding some dazzle to your décor.

If you’re wanting to mix practicality with style, you’ll find our range of quality blackout blinds can help you and your family block out the light when it comes to getting some well-deserved rest.

Go for blackout Roller blinds and create a dark sleep-friendly bedroom anytime you want.

Ready-made blackout blinds
Lend rooms a clean look with ready-made blackout blinds in a variety of colours and prints.

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